Rayyans a dream come true is a newly launched Pakistani Fashion Store and sourcing company headed by a young couple who have been associated with the industry for more than a decade now.

Rayyan’s sells authentic current season clothing, shoes, and accessories, expertly selected by our designers for the fashion consumers. The fashion on the site represents the best looks developed either exclusively or selected from the trendiest labels present globally with a large range of self designed famous Traditional Ethinic Clothing.

The company designs and manufactures products in several categories including fashion apparel ranges from Ethnic to western casual for either sex, Home Textiles, Clothing accessories, Hand crafted decoration items plus have immense experience of sourcing any type of product throughout the country.

Our goal is to serve the existing market trends by innovation, creation and sourcing of new products to compliment the local and the global markets.Rayyan’s resisted the industry-wide trend towards transferring fast fashion products to low cost customers.Innovation is the key part of our business, our experienced team continuously monitors the market trends to give customers the competitive edge and the most comfortable product as per their defined specification.

Rayyan’s sell a large number of its merchandise from its state of art E-Store a Virtual Shop for a secure, reliable and fastest way to purchase and order goods from anywhere in the world direct from the company on competitive rates for retail and very attractive wholesale price for bulk quantities with an options of all kind of delivery method which ever suits best to the customer.

In a niche of time with high standard quality products and timely deliveries Rayyan’s has been successful in winning the customers of USA, Canada Europe and also have a very good image among the customers of Far East.